Moses in the Twentieth Century: A Universal Primer by Susan Roth


  • Languages: English | Hebrew
  • Publisher: S J R Associates
  • Length: 162 Pages
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“Time by itself has no meaning and no purpose,” Susan Roth writes in Moses in the Twentieth Century. “For the human race, time is a journey we take in space. It is we, the human race, who give the meaning and purpose by the way we use it. If we use it for creative and constructive purposes, purposes that better us as a species and improve the world we live in, then we have used time wisely. Then we can take our place among the stars of the universe. If however, we use it for selfish and frivolous purposes, to glorify only one part of mankind at the expense of the rest, then we have wasted time foolishly. Then time has lost its purpose, and we have lost ourselves!”

Nineteen years in the writing and in immensely readable style, Susan Roth examines and applies the insights of Kabbalah to scriptural wisdom, events in history, and the discoveries of modern science through Perennial Philosophy. She offers a freshly unified view of human life and its meaning. Most eloquently she reveals how the powers of a new Eve can engender a fruitful and happy future for all mankind in the Messianic Age we live in.

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