Yesod Perfumed Soap


Natural Soap essential for healthy glowing skin.

  • 120 gr / 4.1 oz
  • An Exquisite, Original Scent simulating the lost fragrance of the Garden of Eden
  • Produced in Grasse, France.
  • Enriched in Omega 3



Yesod, one of the divine elements of Creation that illuminates the world, is a most fitting name for this brilliant new fragrance. Yesod is a stimulating and enticing perfume that brings your spirit, soul and body into harmonic oneness. The delightful scent lingers, enhances your every moment and reflects to others the magical mystery that is YOU. Created by a team of master perfumers, and drawing on four decades of research and development experience, Yesod is the latest in a series of rare fragrances that is treasured the world over.


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